Joan Louis Vita


Born in 1982 in Chiclayo, PERU , He was raised and educated in different cities of northern of  Peru,

2000-2004  He studied painting at the national Fine arts school of Trujillo, Peru . Finally he graduated as a profesional artist and teacher.

2005  Teacher of drawing & painting focused  on art therapy

2005-2006  Master pupil of well-known artist "Juan Aponte " in Virginia , USA.

2007-2008  Teacher of fine arts in art therapy for children of the street in Peru. 

From 2009       In world tour


2009  Oil painting course semester

           Espacio 10 Art  Gallery       Buenos Aires , Argentina


Exhibiting in Peru, USA, French, Canada, Argentina, Australia and Germany.


Since 2013 resides in Karlsruhe.

2014      Oil painting workshop freunde der  

              malerei-landstuhl, Germany. 


2015      Oil painting workshop Galerie Atelier 35 

              Landstuhl, Germany. 


2015      Oil painting course 

              dm-drogerie markt. 


2015      Oil painting Workshop Galerie Atelier Kramer

              Munich , Germany.


2016     Watercolor  course 

              dm-drogerie markt. 


2017      Oil painting  workshop Galerie Atelier 35 

              Landstuhl, Germany. 


2018      Oil painting workshop The Classroom for Fine Arts

              Karlsruhe, Germany .


2009 "International Art fair", UND #4, Karlsruhe, Germany

2008 "Passport for an Artist", French Alliance, Trujillo, Peru

2008 "Pedro Azabache", Central Club Gallery, Trujillo, Peru

2008 "Colibri" Painting contest, Gallery Azur, Trujillo, Peru

2008 "Salon de Arte" International painting show, Club Central Gallery, Trujillo, Peru