Each person can paint... unleash your creativity!

The creative employs people since its beginnings. Creativity is a skill and property of individuals, something not previously seen before, original and resistant to a new creation .


Creativity is a relaxed and at the same time excited state of the human state . Creativity must constantly be stimulated otherwise loses strength as a untrainierter muscle and in current times where the creativity to a standstill.


People are unhappy that the ideas go out, you will be even sick. It is scientifically proven that the human´s freedom and the balance in which you need to relieve the stress and everyday can  counteract in the professional life.


The painting offers the development of the creativity, creates free ideas and new perspectives to each one who feel free, motivated and encouraged.


In the workshops with JOAN LOUIS, the participants learn how to unleash their creative energies and relaxing moments. The artist gives unconventional his very simple knife spatula technique and awakens the can and the potential art talent.


The Joy of bright colors and the inspiration from nature can draw fresh breath and for inner peace. The result is the most beautiful images.


The knife spatula technique is well suited for the entry into the oil painting. Since the oil paints dry gradually, you can wet-in-wet filling on top of each other. The color order is also referred to as impasto technology from any, even inexperienced can be applied.


This technique can be any, the courage and the curiosity to try things, as long until something is "Beautiful" has been created.It is not necessary to have knowledge of painting for this Workshop.


The center is the man for his creative and talent to play and also the handling of colors and forms. There are pictures, art and especially the nature behind asked so that new "views" develop.



Einzelstunden, Privatkurse und Workshops nach Vereinbarung.

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Joan Louis: 0162 2058 195 oder per eMail an: art.joanlouis@gmail.com

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